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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


Little David Walker spent 5 Hours in Heaven

Boy Preacher's Custody Sought By His Parents
St. Petersburg Times April 29, 1948

...said their son, billed as "Little David" was not getting a proper education and that almost daily sermons threatened "permanent disability" to his voice. They estimated his sermons earned him $1000 per week. The parents asked Juvenile Court to return custody of David to them. They had unwittingly lost control when another evangelist promised to "put Little David in the big time."

Several years later Little David was involved in a water ski accident which put him in a coma briefly. I do not know if he saw Jesus the second time, but he did thank the fireman who saved his life.

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