Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


old time religion Octopus Tentacles of Sucking Lust!

old time religion Octopus Tentacles of Sucking Lust!  Detail from a work by E.J.Pace.


old time religion The Three Worst Sins

old time religion in which evangelist John R. Rice settles it!  Woman?  DO AS HE SAYS direct from God!  Reverend Rice's masterpiece in hardback glory.  Unfortunately, Rice had five daughters (pictured along with mom on page 3...) so we should hope things got a bit looser at the Rice home eventually.

 This book was published in 1941, Just before Rosie the Riveter became simply essential for the second world war effort.  Did Rice withdraw publication to help with the war?  No...he kept it in print for at least ten more years with repeated printings.

Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives and Women Preachers 4th edition 1951 (originally published in 1941)
by John R. Rice.  collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Thank the Lorb (sic) Antique 19th Century Folk Art Drawing by a Schoolgirl

old time religion Giving Thanks Folk Art Schoolgirl Drawing 1876
Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Ghost of Guilt Get Back to Sunday School Secret Message Card

old time religion Ghost of Guilt.  A gift to a sick boy with a hidden message.  Get well and get your rear end back.

We're Sorry You've Been Sick Sunday School "Guilt Card" invisible sprite.  Circa 1950  Collection Jim Linderman

Jesus Comes Back to Hold a Book! old time religion

old time religion Jesus holds a book which was invented 500 years after he died!  THIS is a true miracle.  He seems to be giving a book report!   Johannes Gutenberg published the first printed bible in 1455 or so, and he apparently went broke doing it.  His invention spread literacy throughout the world (more or less...)  The literacy rates may be going up, but reading does not automatically mean you are smart.  Better read two sources, the prevailing rule for real journalists.  The origin of "Hearken" traces more to listening than reading anyway.

Illogical and Improbable sticker for the Victory Prayer Line, circa 1945 - 1950 collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Where did Cain get his WIFE ??? Evangelist Robert C. Davis knows, and for 20 cents you can too

As long as they are quibbling about where Cain's wife came from, we don't have to worry.  Still, it is a perplexing problem for the "only book with all the answers" I reckon.  Bob here poured over the bible to find the answer, as god is perfect...except the answer isn't there. 

I'll save you twenty cents. ADAM AND EVE HAD GIRL CHILDREN TOO, but "they were left out of the bible."  Cain married his sister.  Thank god Davis cleared that up.

By the way, Davis also writes "Animals (including apes) were not qualified to be a help mate for man.  That is why a woman was made."  It's good to have that cleared up too.

Where Did Cain Get His Wife by Robert C. Davis (no date, circa 1961) Self Published
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Non-evolved goofball Reverend Rice denies the Willingly Ignorant Uniformitarian Geologists

old time religion Non-evolved "faith-healer" Reverend Rice denies the Willingly Ignorant Uniformitarian Geologists.  The Wha?  Well, one would think "willingly ignorant" would apply to those who don't believe science...but nope! In the highly "designed by god" world of Reverence Rice, it means sinning scientists who think you can date a rock. can!  Rice is pissed they didn't find remnants of the ark still.  He also uses the faith-based argument foundation.  "It can't be true because it says right here in the bible"  TEN TIMES!


old time religion White Jesus watches over Aluminum Foil Antenna

old time religion White Jesus watches over Aluminum Foil Antenna.  Original Snapshot circa 1970


old time religion Jack Van Impe Befuddled by Nude Bathers

old time religion Jack Van Impe befuddled by Nude Bathers!  What in the world is happening?
Dr. Jack Van Impe is furious...but I suspect much of it is caused by jealousy.  When Time Magazine ran a story about a lovely day when 500 nude bathers descended on a beach in Truro, MA,  Dr. Van Impe went crazy.  "...filthiness" and "God's prime illustration of nudity centers around the demon-possessed maniac...running around naked in a graveyard."  VICE-BOUND SINNERS!

Dr. Jack Van Impe used to be broadcast on hundreds of radio stations, and he is still in business!
HERE is the link to send a prayer directly to God (through Dr. Jack Van Impe, of course)

What in the World is Happening by Dr. Jack Van Impe 1976.  50 cents.  Collection Jim Linderman



old time religion BACK SLIDING MEMBERS GO TO HELL.  Preacher hold banner and means business.  Original snapshot circa 1930? Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion THIS won't end well...

old time religion portly rube hits town with his aunt's money.  Just one moral tale from PALACES OF SIN or THE DEVIL IN SOCIETY by Col Dick Maple.  Dick has a serious aversion to "high society" and devoted his life, I guess in the fight against "the hypnotic debauch" and "harlotism" of the high life.  He failed.

Palaces of Sin or the Devil in Society by Dick Maple 1902 (salesman sample book...fully bound with with only several dozen pages)  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Crayon on Chalkboard 30" x 50" in the year of the lord 1923

old time religion Crayon on Chalkboard 30" x 50" in the year of the lord 1923.  Original snapshot collection Jim Linderman


old time religion blind gospel trio Floyd Polly and Thornton Davis! The Davis Trio

old time religion blind gospel trio Floyd Polly and Thornton Davis!  The Davis Trio
Real Photo Postcard circa 1950 collection Jim Linderman


old time religion SIN of LYING by Elder Echols

There are a few more days before the election, so GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.  The sinners here are voting for the obvious choice.  The Republican party bumbled their way into the worst candidate in United States history, and that is something.  It serves them right.  None of their buffoons dared anger "the base" during the primaries, so they ended up with the grandest, most spectacular buffoon in Presidential history!  I am not sure if he has read this tract, but he should.

The Sin of Lying by Elder B. E. Echols collects examples of lying snd arranges them into broad categories!  Pulpit Lying, cunning lying, Santa Claus and rabbit egg lying (!!!) and yes, even political and diplomatic lying.  Elder Echols says it is necessary to lie in politics, but he blames it on Satan.

old time religion tract The Sin of Lying by Elder Echols 1946, 1963.  Second edition!  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Portable Church

Today those who put up portable churches are known as "Church Planters" and it appears to be a thriving business.  It also appears the most thriving business which parks church buildings on "a solid  foundation" of gravel is located in Michigan.  They don't just drive up and unload, their website claims to "launch" them.

Seems to me there are plenty of abandoned buildings suitable for pews already…many of them used to called "malls" and practiced the increasingly lost art  of "retail location."  While I would rather spend ANY Sunday morning at The Waffle House rather than a mini-sanctuary, those all seem to be down south and permanently installed.   I am not sure if Portable Church Industries operates tax free, as nearly all churches do…but the next time I put up a pole barn, I'm going to call it a church.

I did not find anything on the original portable church shown above.  It was apparently temporarily installed in Baltimore, MD.  It is signed on the reverse by a preacher named "Melvin" but Lord knows I am not going to spend much time trying to identify him.

I did find the first portable church. in an 1909 issue of Popular Mechanics!  It appears on the page next to the invention of the treadmill!  If you ask me, it is a far more interesting invention.

Portable Church Real Photo Postcard dated 1909.  Collection Old Time Religion

old time religion The Racist Holy City of California and Father Riker

Joints like this which gave the state of California their unofficial motto "Land of Fruit and Nuts." Photographs of the Holy City of Father Riker circa 1941.  The false utopia was established in 1919 by Father Riker, palm reader and white supremacist Christian.  The worst kind of Christian.  Residents had peculiar sexual rights as well, it seems.  That is, NO rights, as the sexes were segregated. God told him to build the commune into a roadside attraction and to use his cult followers for the tourist labor.  Soon there was a cult-operated gas station, a dance hall and peep show machines.  In 1929 Riker began spreading his gospel by radio station KFQU.  They had their own post office, I presume to send and receive hate mail.

Super racist, the cult allowed no one in who didn't look like them.   A large billboard on your arrival read "HOLY CITY IS A WHITE MAN'S TOWN!  NEGROES AND ORIENTALS KEEP OUT OF HOLY CITY."

Here is a brief quote from Father Riker from his book The Emancipator.    

"The White Man can take care of any and all kinds of business in our own, White Man's California State Home, and no longer will the White Man tolerate your undermining and polluting tactics. Farmers, Business Men and The Workers say: Orientals get out and stay out of our business. Our new Government will see that you get a job. Your polluting, undermining system of business must eternally stop in Our California. And besides this, keep your polluting hands off our White Race Women; they also belong only to the White Race Man. This is the true law of our original White Man's Constitution, these statements explain the real and true spirit of California."

See?  Nut Job and Fruity Pebble.  Father Riker ran for Governor of California four times but thankfully received only 1% of the vote each time.  That would be about the same percentage some of the current "religious right" politicians would get.  NOT…there is a good number of politicians today who seem to think separation of church and state is an obsolete concept.

IN 2016 what remained was purchased by wealthy Scientology couple Bob and Trish Duggan.  They bought the parcel of land where Holy Land stood (and rusted away).  192 Acres!  While the couple is worth BILLIONS (at one time Duggan was the 638th richest man in the world) they paid only 6 million dollars for the big plot near Los Gatos, California.


old time religion Fraudulent Faith Healer (pfft!) T. L. Osborn drops the price of Healing the Sick and Casting out Devils

old time religion Fraudulent Faith Healer T. L. Osborn drops the price of his mega-blockbuster book Healing the Sick and Casting out Devils to one buck!  I guess after 3 editions, he could afford to.
Now his grandson Tommy Ray O'Dell is doing the same thing...apparently some "miracles" have taken place at HIS services.  Check out T. L. Osborn in the cyber flesh with his self-produced videos!  It appears to me that God has healed his bald head by providing a wig.  The clip I like starts with a graphic of a man "cured" and hoisting his wheelchair over his head with "Healing Power!"



old time religion THE COMING WAR ON HALLOWEEN.  Make this a real Halloween. 


old time religion Food Clowns Jesters for Jesus!

old time religion?  Meet old time COOKING!  I'm not quite sure I would trust the measurements, as there is an apostrophe meant to show possession out of place here.  Well...only God can make a Perfect meal.  


old time religion A Postcard Home from Bible Camp

Apparently, the old time religion Covenant Point Bible Camp has been in business for 90 years.  I am hoping they will add this to the celebration!

Covenant Point Bible Camp "letter home" do date.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Sex Used Wrong Way

old time religion W. C. Rice Cross Garden Alabama circa 1995
Original Photograph Jim Linderman

See also "American Folk Art in Place: In Situ" by Jim Linderman


old time religion Pansy Faces by Silvia

Cut out old time religion Mother's Day card with Jesus Quote from John 13:31.  Printed on manila paper and crayon decorated by hand circa 1950?  No Date Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Handmade Folk Art Book The Ten Commandments

Old time religion Manilla paper was developed in the 19th century and used as a cheap material for children's art projects.  This handmade book was bound with a piece of string.  I believe the Sunday school kids were "helped along" with numbers scored, then applied to the paper. 

19th Century Ten Commandments handmade book Collection Jim Linderman

Thanks to Curley's Antiques


old time religion Plywood Jesus in Florida circa 1950. NOT Holyland.

Today Bibleland is gone, but a 16 million dollar bag of biblical fraud with NON-PROFIT STATUS called Holyland is still available.  FIFTY DOLLAR ADMISSION!  White Jesus is everywhere, as are food shops and propaganda.  Disneyland isn't far…I am going to guess the kids would rather be there.  This plywood "Jesus raising the Dead" dates to the early days of TINY theme parks, NOT the bloated, garish disaster down there now.  Holyland survived and thrived after being founded and owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network, the mass media arm of God.  I vote for the primitive plywood one.  It is charming, and I am sure admission was considerably less.

Real Photo Postcard no Date (circa 1950)  Collection Jim Linderman


Former Baseball Player and Big Ham Billy Sunday Rakes it in. Old Time Religion

Old time religion evangelist Billy Sunday made FAR more money preaching to rubes than playing baseball.  The former player was signed to one of the earliest baseball teams by no less than Mr. Spaulding, owner of the Chicago White Stockings.  The German immigrant on the mound was really named Billy SONNTAG, but he went indie under the last name Sunday.  That attracted crowds.  Paying crowds...and he no longer had to fear throwing balls.

Sunday opposed drinking and gambling...fair enough, but he made folks pay admission to hear him say it.  Some 200 bucks a sermon, and he gave FOUR A DAY.  That was 800 bucks a day when the average yearly salary of a worker was?  800 bucks.  Sunday made more in one day than the rest of the country, and unlike real workers, his sweat was from dancing around on stage like a buffoon sent by god instead of good, honest work.  Fortunately, soon radio was invented, and folks could choose their entertainment on their own.  Sunday faded into the either leaving behind thousands of real photo postcards now worth squat.




Mack's Bedford Beelzebub Devil Serpent! Old Time Religion

A giant old time religion mechanical, low- down devil rattlesnake acts up through the power of Satan (and the juice running through the conduit pipe) which brings him life!    It's Augie Mack's giant automatron with heat-seeking heathen powers!  The powerful creation of Mr. Mack weighed 300 pounds, but has gone missing!  The blog post HERE tells as much of the story as is known. 


A Spoonful of Bible Old Time Religion

A Spoonful of Bible  Old Time Religion.  Exhibited at the Century of Progress fair 1933.


Lord's Prayer old time religion

Old Time Religion in which George Chenoweth writes the lord's prayer nine times in the space of a postage stamp.  Why?  Because he COULD.  645 words.  

Lord's Prayer on a Real Photo Postcard collection Jim Linderman (Detail)


How to Make an Old Time Religion Tug of War between Sin and Jesus

 Let's make a sin toy and let Jesus win!  From the book (and fevered brain) of Arnold Carl Westphal, a preacher in Salem, Ohio who made his life mission to trick lessons into the kids!  Here Junior, pull the rope! Westphal made Bible study fun with an endless stream of visual gimmicks and handmade objects.  In his introduction, Westphal claims scientific evidence that there are four types of children.
"Those who were all MOUTH, those who were all EARS, those who were all HANDS AND FEET and those who were all EYES."  His tricks were to appeal to all!  The scientific characterization of the flock came from Chicago "where hundreds of children could be gathered from the streets in a few minutes."  Creepy.  His book Junior Surprise Sermons went into at least 6 editions.  In this example, he provides the patter which goes along with the show.  The trick?  God prepared the scissors earlier by breaking off one of the blades!  Remind me to one day share the patter he developed for another of his tricks, "The Unhappy Heathen" in which he says about those in other countries "Many of them faint on the wayside under the sun, and the birds come and pluck out their eyes even before they die." 

From the wartime book Junior Surprise Sermons with Handmade Objects by Arnold Carl Westphal.  Sixth edition. 


old time religion Oscar Hires and Elephant! J. A. Jewel the Circus Evangelist

Old Time Religion Oscar Lewvillian Landemesser aka J. A. Jewell  The Circus Evangelist hires a elephant to shill for his big revival under a circus tent. Shameless.  Oscar made it big on the circus circuit.  Mom took the kids to get religion while Dad went over to the ramble where the girlie act was staged.  Oscar wrote his autobiography in 1948 but I don't see one on Amazon...must not have sold many, but I am sure it was for sale on your way in and on your way out of the tent. (That is, not included in the admission price)  Don't step in anything.

RPPC photo of J.A. Jewel sign on an Elephant circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion State Sunday School Convention Choir 1920 Photograph

old time religion State Sunday School Convention Choir 1920 Photograph collection Jim Linderman


old time religion SNARED BY THE DEVIL

old time religion artist E. J. Pace anticipates Spiderman in a big way.  In the Snare of the Devil 1927

old time religion DOES GOD HATE BOWLING ?

Rabid Christian and wannabe Ayatollah Evangelist John Rice, America's Taliban, asks God if Bowling is okay to do.  In sum, I think it is okay as long as you do not bowl naked.  Rice has a particular problem with naked.  In general, if any activity prevents you from praying, God puts the nix on it according to the messages Rice is able to receive from above.  How about if we pray for a strike, and don't swear if we fail to pick up the remaining pin!  Yet another origin of the religious right, from 1955.  Do NOT ask him about the Ice Follies!

Amusements for Christians Right or Wrong? by Evangelist John R. Rice  1955 Sword of the Lord publishers Wheaton, IL Collection Jim Linderman.


old time religion Magic Carpet Ride to where Jesus Lived!

old time religion Magic Slate Ride to where Jesus Lived!