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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


old time religion one thousand dollar reward?

old time religion Must I Pray for a Miracle or a $1,000 Reward?  Pamphlet cover (detail)
Faith Healers Publications Texas Collection Jim Linderman


SOUNDS FROM THE AIR book available from Blurb

The NEW Book by Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb is SOUNDS FROM THE AIR! explores the power of vintage photographs to show that which is not there!  Visions of sound waves and the magic of radio is told in 78 pages of anonymous photographs.  The language of ether revealed!  $19.99 paperback, $8.99 instant PDF download. 

old time religion Safe-Cracker Dope Peddler Gangster and Road Preacher Billy Joe Fain

old time religion Billy Joe Fain!  He fought 8 blood hounds and cracked safes!  What a goon.  A dumb Texas criminal who became Texas preacher.  A MIRACLE!   "Getting religion to get out" is a common ruse.  Now I am not saying Billy Joe Fain faked his conversion…but whatever he did, it worked.  Pardoned by the Texas Governor in 1962 after serving 3 years for robbery.  Sentenced to 15 years but serving less than three.  From Dallas, Texas of course.

He claims to have been "one of the top forty criminals in the United States" but never really says what he did to earn the title.  I think he was only your average juvenile delinquent.  As far as I can tell, a plain old lowlife.  I guess I have to read it carefully to see exactly what made him a criminal mastermind.

He stole a bike, I think. 
He deceived his neighbors.
Under the tutelage of "Ole Pappy" the seasoned criminal, he participated in stealing a safe, but he couldn't open it. 
He robbed some poker games.
He tried dope.
He thought his Sunday school teacher was interested more in football than god.
He became the chauffeur and bodyguard for an unnamed organized crime big shot.
He "was given 95 years" in prison (though the record says 15)
He watched another prisoner cut his own veins.
The prison decided to make him "run the track" to train the bloodhounds.  Once, the bloodhounds
chewed him up, and he claims to have had his clothes torn off and left there to die. 

Not trying to escape, mind you. Working in prison as a trainer and fake dog bait.

He gets paroled and "walks into a little colored church."

He is instantly a touring preacher.

Twenty years later, Billy Joe Fain's appearance in Cocoa, Florida is fuzzy headline news!  Don't try to enlarge it, I stole it from a pay service and could get 95 years.
I prefer the story of Charles Colson, Nixon's hatchet man and dirty trickster who also converted in a Texas prison!  He tried to steal an election and ended up preaching to convicts. Um…is history repeating?  I hate to go through it again, but some of those lowlife's around Trump might start reading the bible.  For real this time.

Opening the Prisons by Billy Joe Fain (compiled by W. V. Grant) 31 pages No Date (Early 1960s)
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Marxist Minstrels and Black Oak Arkansas in HELL

old time religion Marxist Minstrels and Black Oak Arkansas in HELL (with Stiv Bators)

Ahh yes.  Christian nut-job David Noebel flogs his thesis that we are sinking into the depths of destruction due to the commie rock of Black Oak Arkansas! The bands he REALLY hates are the Beatles and KISS.  As for Dr. Hook, he seems to not recognize the band played satire.  You know?  I really don't think The Dead Boys were Marxists.  We won't ever know for sure...Lead singer Stiv Bators died in 1990, and I suspect Noebel thinks he is in hell.  Wherever that is.  Down under the ground somewhere, and it's hot.
 Lee Greenwood.  Now THERE is some durn good entertainment for kids.  After wowing the sparse crowd at Donald Trump's inauguration, he is a hot property again!  Greenwood comes out for Republican presidents, which means a major gig about every eight years.  He is a conservative christian...I guess you can tell because of his strict conservative dress.  Remember when wearing the flag was illegal?  Turns out it is free speech! We are a nation of laws after all!  Here Lee sports his patriotic duds.  His latest book is hot too.  Published in 2012, there are currently a few dozen copies available used at Amazon starting at ONE CENT but you have to pay the postage.
16 page pamphlet shilling "The Marxist Minstrels" by David Noebel.  Summit Ministries.  No Date.
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Reverend J. M. Vigal The Singing Evangelist and his Wife Reverend Mrs. A. Vigal African American Preachers

old time religion Reverend J. M. Vigal The Singing Evangelist and his Wife Reverend Mrs. A. Vigal African American Preachers.  All that is known is what their brochure / lyric handout indicates.  Rev. Vigal billed himself as "The Singing Evangelist" and apparently he sang traditional gospel. The reverse lists Judgement Day, Higher Ground, I Surrender All, Stood Outside the Gate and Give Me that Old Time Religion.  It appears the couple was well-traveled for a pair of Black preachers at the turn of the century.  Circa 1902.  Original Pamphlet Collection Jim Linderman
Thanks to Curley's Antiques.


Game of Bible Questions (and the ONLY answer you will EVER need!)

old time religion Game of Bible Questions (and the ONLY answer you need!)   When a "game" starts out like this, you know it's not rigged!  This book has ALL the answers!

Woolson Spice Company Promotional Pamphlet 1895 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Hypergraphia Postcard and a cart of More

old time religion Hypergraphia: a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write. Forms of hypergraphia can vary in writing style and content. It is a symptom associated with temporal lobe changes in epilepsy, which is the cause of the Geschwind syndrome, a mental disorder.  Here, a religious pilgrim loads up his cart of sribbles and heads off to Rome.
Collection Jim Linderman 


old time religion B. F. Perkins opens the Tomb Outsider Art Yard Installation

Outsider Art  Bonus Post Vernon, Alabama Early 1990's  
Photographs by Jim Linderman

Free preview and purchas the book IN SITU: American Folk Art in Place by the author HERE


old time religion Invitation!

old time religion invitation to receive mail.  1948 Voice of Prophecy


Outsider Art Holyland Crumbles old time religion

High (REALLY high) above Waterbury, Connecticut one might still find the crumbling ruins of Holy Land created by the holy hand the curious builder and lawyer John Baptist Greco. He commenced making the plaster and wire recreation of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 1950, and like so many of those with unusual personal visions, he never finished. He willed the whole shebang to a reclusive order of nuns, the Religious Teachers Fillipini of Bristol. A mixed blessing for the nuns...over the years they have given up on tossing out rowdy teens and outsider art thrill seekers. After all, it is a MOUNTAIN and isn't fenced in. These pictures date to 1994. To find the ruins, drive to Waterbury and at every single opportunity, turn the wheel uphill and the road will lead you. Original 35mm photographs c 1994 collection Jim Linderman



old time religion In which "God is looking for a man" and American women are "gin-head, wall-eyed hoot -owls" who lie around all night in saloons.  In which "Thousands of tons of papers" are mailed from communist countries to the U.S.  In which "Millions of magazines in America…teach sex freedom, free love and the abolition of the ten commandments".  In which "doctors gave her a drug, made a homosexual of her, turned her into a man" and  in which "thirty-five backsliders were killed by a cyclone."  You get the point.

Old Time Religion Mark in the Forehead (No Date, "Millions in Print")


old time religion REVOLUTION or REVIVAL

old time religion REVOLUTION or REVIVAL in which Jesus is not against the Vietnam War, and Jesus is NOT a Hippie!

Evangelist W. V. Grant What is Next for (the) USA?  Revolution or Revival 50 cents.  Comes with free "License to Preach" with every order. 


You Think you are a Christian? TEN THINGS YOU MUST KNOW to get into HEAVEN old time religion

Hmm.  Born Again?  Or Born to LOSE?  Let's take a little quiz and see how many evangelicals actually are!  Many seem to want the bible back into the schools, and I sure can see why.  Who could make it through life without knowing THESE?  Plus, if the gates are protected by Alex Trebak, you will have to put your answer in the form of a question.  Now be honest...(it's wrong to tell a lie...) How many did YOU get?  old time religion game cards, no date.


old time religion Typo!

old time religion keep shining (shninig) for Jesus Package Sticker circa 1940
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion vacation with the DEVIL 1958

old time religion vacation with the DEVIL!  It's okay once a year, if you travel in a station wagon.
Original snapshot Collection Jim Linderman  See also IN-SITU: AMERICAN FOLK ART IN PLACE AVAILABLE NOW!


old time religion THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE

old time religion THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE
Take the El Dorodo Street Car to the tent revival.
Show notice card Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion mini-skirt lust leads to SEX CRIMES

old time religion mini-skirt lust leads to SEX CRIMES!  Here,  lust is defined so all you women can determine exactly where your hemline should be to avoid uncontrollable LUST.

The Line Has Been Drawn: Any Hemline above the Knee is...
Anonymous Tract Evangelistic Crusade Arizona. Circa 1965 (undated) Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Blessed Assurance and a Big Bag of Sin

old time religion Blessed Assurance and a Big Bag of Sin.  Anthony Seoli proves the bible is true  by using quotes from the bible.

Blessed Assurance 1942 (second edition of 30,000 copies at one dollar $30,000) By the way, $30,000 dollars in 1942 is worth $457,790 dollars today.  I hope Tony invested some.
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Bubbles of Faith

old time religion faith bubbles make life much easier!

From The Image of Christ  (no date, 25 cents) by R. I Humberd, noted "scholar" and bible chart lecturer.  Humberd is also author of The Moonshiner's Den and The Bible and Science.


old time religion Octopus Tentacles of Sucking Lust!

old time religion Octopus Tentacles of Sucking Lust!  Detail from a work by E.J.Pace.


old time religion The Three Worst Sins

old time religion in which evangelist John R. Rice settles it!  Woman?  DO AS HE SAYS direct from God!  Reverend Rice's masterpiece in hardback glory.  Unfortunately, Rice had five daughters (pictured along with mom on page 3...) so we should hope things got a bit looser at the Rice home eventually.

 This book was published in 1941, Just before Rosie the Riveter became simply essential for the second world war effort.  Did Rice withdraw publication to help with the war?  No...he kept it in print for at least ten more years with repeated printings.

Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives and Women Preachers 4th edition 1951 (originally published in 1941)
by John R. Rice.  collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Thank the Lorb (sic) Antique 19th Century Folk Art Drawing by a Schoolgirl

old time religion Giving Thanks Folk Art Schoolgirl Drawing 1876
Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Ghost of Guilt Get Back to Sunday School Secret Message Card

old time religion Ghost of Guilt.  A gift to a sick boy with a hidden message.  Get well and get your rear end back.

We're Sorry You've Been Sick Sunday School "Guilt Card" invisible sprite.  Circa 1950  Collection Jim Linderman

Jesus Comes Back to Hold a Book! old time religion

old time religion Jesus holds a book which was invented 500 years after he died!  THIS is a true miracle.  He seems to be giving a book report!   Johannes Gutenberg published the first printed bible in 1455 or so, and he apparently went broke doing it.  His invention spread literacy throughout the world (more or less...)  The literacy rates may be going up, but reading does not automatically mean you are smart.  Better read two sources, the prevailing rule for real journalists.  The origin of "Hearken" traces more to listening than reading anyway.

Illogical and Improbable sticker for the Victory Prayer Line, circa 1945 - 1950 collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Where did Cain get his WIFE ??? Evangelist Robert C. Davis knows, and for 20 cents you can too

As long as they are quibbling about where Cain's wife came from, we don't have to worry.  Still, it is a perplexing problem for the "only book with all the answers" I reckon.  Bob here poured over the bible to find the answer, as god is perfect...except the answer isn't there. 

I'll save you twenty cents. ADAM AND EVE HAD GIRL CHILDREN TOO, but "they were left out of the bible."  Cain married his sister.  Thank god Davis cleared that up.

By the way, Davis also writes "Animals (including apes) were not qualified to be a help mate for man.  That is why a woman was made."  It's good to have that cleared up too.

Where Did Cain Get His Wife by Robert C. Davis (no date, circa 1961) Self Published
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Non-evolved goofball Reverend Rice denies the Willingly Ignorant Uniformitarian Geologists

old time religion Non-evolved "faith-healer" Reverend Rice denies the Willingly Ignorant Uniformitarian Geologists.  The Wha?  Well, one would think "willingly ignorant" would apply to those who don't believe science...but nope! In the highly "designed by god" world of Reverence Rice, it means sinning scientists who think you can date a rock. can!  Rice is pissed they didn't find remnants of the ark still.  He also uses the faith-based argument foundation.  "It can't be true because it says right here in the bible"  TEN TIMES!


old time religion White Jesus watches over Aluminum Foil Antenna

old time religion White Jesus watches over Aluminum Foil Antenna.  Original Snapshot circa 1970