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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Mystery of the Chalk Masterpiece

I hate to post a sketch of a sketch, but unfortunately the artist who drew the above masterpiece had horrible handwriting which I can not make out. Not that it would have mattered much...the painting here was done in chalk, and as such probably wouldn't be around to appreciate even if I could make out the artist's name. Certainly his initials were E.J. and his children were Floyd and Nellie. The biblical scene was 30 x 50 on a blackboard, dates to 1923 and "was one of the best I had ever drawn" according to the artist. Feel free to enlarge and help...but I suspect E.J's masterpiece will remain unidentified for now.

A post also on the Dull Tool Dim Bulb blog

Anonymous Snapshot of Chalk Drawing, 1923 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I was hot on the trail of an Erich Frixel, resident of Queens and Brooklyn, New York, whose signature was not too dissimilar to EJ's, until I discovered that he only arrived in the US in 1926, from Friedrichroda, Germany via Hamburg. :-(

    I've more or less persuaded myself that the surname is FRIXEL, but it's a tough one, and I'm afraid I've totally struck out on "Collord Crane." I just can't think what it might be. I considered the possibility that it wasn't taken in the US, but "M E" or "Methodist Episcopalian" is distinctly American, isn't it.

    Regards, Brett