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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Will You Be My Neighbour? R.E. Neighbour Prolific Preacher will DO YOU GOOD old time religon

HOLY mack truck! R.E. Neighbour wrote 94 books. Since the Bible is in the public domain, I am going to guess he cribbed plenty of it to fill his tomes. I am also going to guess if you DID attend the do you good revival above you would have to pass a card-table full of them. Who, What, When Where WHOA!...slow DOWN. I haven't even read the first one yet!

Neighbour also "started 82 churches" according to The Theocratic Kingdom site which apparently tracks these things. After spreading his beliefs to the good folks of the Amazon, he came back, shaved his upper lip and died in 1945.

R.E. Neighbour Invitation Postcard mailed 1909 Collection Jim Linderman


  1. R.E. was my great grandfather. I use his commentaries to prepare for house church meetings. Knowing he wrote 94 books makes me ashamed. I've only written five!

    A number of his books were transcribed sermons, of which I have a few.

    Thanks for posting this post card!

  2. Dr. RE Neighbour was my great grandfather. His son, my grandfather Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour was a pioneer in Christian Radio and wrote many books and novels. His son, my dad Dr. Ralph Neighbour Jr. at 86 has 43 autographs to his name and still travels the world speaking. I am the the seventh generation pastor in Los Angeles, and my son Nathan Neighbour is an eighth generation pastor in Pomona, CA. Thank you for this post!
    Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour III