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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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The Bible Answers the Race Question Thank GOD old time religion

Thank GOD someone finally answered MY race questions, and from no less an authority than some goober's interpretation of something written before virtually anyone could read.  Oh well...all comes to he who waits. 

Let's see...

"Marriage between more diverse racial groups is fraught with the greatest danger..."

"...Half-breeds in Brazil...are lazy and a troublesome class, and much inferior to the original stock."

Oops...there it is...the "mongrelization" phrase I've become used to finding in these tracts.  Well...I'll let it slide, as I haven't read the ENTIRE Bible, but I am sure God has addressed the mating of dogs in there being the complete guide to life and all.

"In general, the negro is less able to plan, look ahead, and take advantage of experience than the white."

"The negro does not desire complete equality...the negro does not desire the responsibility that goes with authority."

Now I am not quite sure to trust the expert, one "The Bible" here, but the unnamed author does quote at least ONE expert source other than the good book:  "Race or Mongrel" by Alfred P. Shultz, Boston at least you know these are facts.

The Bible Answers The Race Question  June 1945   The Kingdom Gospel Institute Chicago Illinois.  24 Pages.  Collection Jim Linderman

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