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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

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Wendell Loveless Finds Hope! Hymns and Copyright the old time religion Way

Climbing to the the top of the hit parade with a bullet is the double hit hot wax platter in RED VINYL, the soon-to-be top ten "Mary and the Pig" backed with "Elijah the Prophet" both by proven chart-topper Wendell P. Loveless!  It's HAPPY TIME in unbreakable format retailers, so order yours today!

When Wendell passed away, he assigned all his copyrights to the Hope Publishing Company.  Since Hope has around 500 followers on Facebook, but my Vintage Sleaze site has nearly 50,000, it is obviously time for the faith-based financial song conglomerate to redouble their efforts and fight de debbil!

Wendell was originally hooked up with Moody Bible Institute, where he directed their radio department for 20 years.  A BIG twenty years, all before television took the listeners away and made Lucy and Ricky Ricardo bigger than Jesus.  Here is a little picture of Wendell in FAR less happy days...he's in heaven now.
Hope has a special "Hymnody" seach engine which Wendell could only dream about!  There is a HUGE theme index ranging from "adoration" to "word and teaching" with a category even for "homosexuality" but that search turned up empty.  I don't think Wendell ever wrote a song about that.

It seems odd to me than a good portion of the pages on the Hope website are about copyright, reprint policies, permissions, requesting a license and the like, as Wendell was probably all about spreading the word far and wide, not collecting royalties.   It's a new world now Wendell.  You will note there is no copyright notice on either side of the Happy Time Singspiration disc here?  Big mistake!  If only Wendell had consulted a faith-based lawyer before trying to rock the kids.

Hope also has a FAQ to help your church decide what to do with all those illegal tapes and photocopies of their songs you have under the organist's seat.  "To protect yourself and your organization you should destroy all unauthorized photocopies, tapes, etc., and replace them with legal editions. Possession of illegal copies puts you in a position of being a potential copyright infringer."

Furthermore, they also provide a loving, "spread the good word" statement about what happens to those who make unauthorized copies of their recordings or songs:

The law provides for the owner of a copyright to recover damages ranging from $500 to $100,000 per copyright infringed. If willful infringement for commercial advantage and private financial gain is proved, criminal fines of up to $250,000 and/or five years’ imprisonment may apply. It is not better to ask for forgiveness than permission."

What?  It is not better to ask for forgiveness than permission?  I don't remember that in the good book.  I can't even figure out what the hell it means!

Suffer not the little "Happy Time" children, for they shall commit the sin of infringement.  

I downloaded the SIXTY FOUR PAGE Hope Publishing catalog.  It's a good thing I have the power of bandwidth!  If I was a dial-up searcher for the lord, it would have taken ages, and idle hands are the devil's work.  It even contains synthesizer works.  Wendell?  Think you can work up a version of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" for the kids?

For information on Wendell's other chart-topper "Three Children in a Furnace" see Here

Hope Publishing is Here.

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