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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Bible News Flash from the Prophetic Analyst Herrstrom old time religion

Recent news stories have startlingly reported Jesus may have had a wife,  although the scrap of paper which indicates so was written FOUR HUNDRED YEARS after his death.  Come on.  I place more credence in the collective memory of the Republican party.  (Bush?  Nixon?  Who?)   Somehow they forgot Cheney too…I didn't see that crusty old war-criminal at the convention either.

As for some anonymous scribe remembering Jesus had a wife 400 years after the fact, I prefer more contemporary writers.  Such as W. D. Herrstrom, World traveler, News Photographer and Prophetic Analyst (!) who reports the truth from Faribault, Minnesota in the Bible News Flashes!

To wit:

"All Modernists, Atheists and Communists agree Christ had a nationality."  Herrstrom says he didn't.

"Adam had no mother" and "Christ had no mother."

Some angels went after "strange flesh" but when they did, they produced "hybrid animals."

Oh…and apparently someone, unnamed, is proposing a law in the United States that "anyone who criticizes a jew" will receive the death penalty.  I don't remember that from civics class, but then I tended to drift.

As for Herrstrom's strange preoccupation with "colored women" who might marry a "white man" I'll let you place a 25 cent subscription to read it yourself.

Other books by Dr. W. D. Herrstrom "Prophetic Analyst" include "The Atomic Bomb and the End of the World" and "Jonah's Submarine Ride"

If you like his  "hammer and tongs" style, you will enjoy his other books.

Christ  Is Neither Jew Nor Gentile by Dr. W. D. Herrstrom 1948  "Bible News Flashes" series. Collection Jim Linderman

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