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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


Robert Schuler Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral of Bunco versus Hart Magann Tar Shack Revival Old Time Religion

The Hart-Magann Team give disgraced televangelist Robert Schuler and his bankrupt  "Crystal Cathedral" a run for his money with their tar shack fire-trap tabernacle in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

After all, a church isn't a building, it's the people! 

Schuler forgot that when he spent 18 million dollars on his cathedral with 10,000 panes of glass glued together with silicone.  By the way, Schuler's glass shack is neither crystal or cathedral, not meeting the true definition of either, but it's showtime folks, and this is television.  Open the doors to the razzle-dazzle and let's PRAY.

Schuler also put up a huge penis-like "Prayer Spire" next door, which allowed for a panoramic view of, guess what?  The Crystal Cathedral! 

The creditors of Crystal Cathedral Ministries sued to collect a $55 million debt in 2010. and a year later, after the Roman Catholic Diocese made an offer on the morally bankrupt scrap heap, Italian newspaper La Stampa used a picture of the Crystal Cathedral to illustrate an article reporting on the establishment of a  commission "to put a stop to garage style churches, boldly shaped structures that risk denaturing modern places for Catholic worship.

Here is their website.  They have a bunch of new clowns running the place, and a bunch of new bunco going on.

In 1914, on paper reported the Hart Magann Revival raised a whopping good will offering of $1400 at a revival. 80 years later Schuler would raise an embarrassing shell of glass and glue.  Later, his "American Life TV was "rebranded" into YouToo Social TV.  Rebranded?   I don't even see a logo on Hart Magann's church here.  There isn't even a SIGN.

Hart-Magann Revival Tabernacle Rocky Ford CO Real Photo Postcard collection 1914  Jim Linderman


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  1. Okay, after the line "After all, a church isn't a building, it's the people!" I have to ask... Did you happen to grow up in the church of Christ?