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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

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Old Time Religion Fake Handwriting and Shameless Fund Raising Ploy by Rex Humbard

Disgraced (and dead) scam artist Rex Humbard resorts to the "fake personalized handwritten message" ploy on his fund-raising letters.  Did it fool anyone?  I am afraid so…I found both envelopes OPENED rather than tossed directly into the bin.  Note use of authorized Non-Profit postage stamps.   Does the following sound like non-profit to you?

"By 1973 his holdings included a girdle factory in Brooklyn, a $10 million office complex in Akron and a college on Michigan's Mackinac Island. Then, as he was constructing a 750-foot TV tower to transmit his services, the SEC blew the whistle. Over a 14-year period Humbard had sold, through unlicensed agents, $12 million in securities that were not properly registered. Ordered to divest himself of his property, he sold everything but his home, cut off his overseas operations and set up a trust fund to pay off investors."

Rex is most notable for presiding at the Elvis Presley Funeral (great gig!) and thus helping to create a hoard of Elvis impersonators. 

Rex Humbard has a broken link on his wikipedia page to his site.  No…I am not taking the time to correct it.

Rex Humbard liked himself so much he wrote TWO autobiographies. 

The tower he built with an envisioned rotating restaurant on top is now a radio tower.

Humbard has, or had, sons who are in the same business.

Pair of "non-profit" fake handwriting scam envelopes from Rex Humbard (or seemingly)  Collection Jim Linderman

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