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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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OId Time Religion Hollywood's Scheme to Corrupt America

Old Time Religion Hollywood Scheme.

In which motion pictures lead to venereal disease, Marlon Brando is responsible, somehow…and Doris Day was not the innocent you think.  Author Jess Pedigo was "principal" speaker of the daily Reaching Out radio broadcast.

Christian Crusade, and the radio broadcast (according to Wiki) was founded by Billy Ray Hargis, and his radio message was broadcast on more than 500 radio stations and 250 television stations. He was a segregationist.  In 1974 several students at his American Christian College accused Hargis of sexual misconduct; however, the Tulsa district attorney found no evidence or wrongdoing. Hargis went into early retirement and the college closed in 1977.

Hargis founded the Christian Crusade in 1950, an interdenominational movement. In 1964 the IRS alleged that Hargis' involvement in political matters was a violation for religious institutions and withdrew the tax-exempt status of the Christian Crusade. At the time, Hargis had reported that the average contribution to his movement was $4, from a constituency of 250,000 donors, and it was receiving $1 million annually.

As for their principal speaker, Jess  Pedigo also wrote "Satanism Diabolical Religion of Darkness" "The Ford Foundation Exposed" and "Playing with Fire: America's Obsession with the Occult"

X-Rated Movies.  Hollywood's Scheme to Corrupt America by Jess Pedigo.  1970 Christian Crusade Publication. One Dollar.  Collection Jim Linderman

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