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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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old time religion A Modern Mother

Old Time Religion A Modern Mother by the Calvary Crusade from Columbus, Georgia.  The religious war on women goes way back, but this example is from the 1960s.  The Calvary Crusade felt no need to put a date on this pamphlet.  The Modern Mother, as expected, ends up in a fiery Hell because:

1.  "she has kissed and petted with nearly every young man in town…"

2.  " the dark lover's lane was her favorite spot…"

3.  "she spends her money foolishly so that he (her husband) is always in debt"

4.  "she is constantly looking for imported liquors, wines, vodka and anything she thinks will give her a thrill, including dope"

5.  "She seeks movies, taverns, night clubs country clubs, flower clubs and all places of sinful pleasure and disgrace."

(Flower clubs???)

6.  "She girdeth herself with  a bikini because she thinks the mini-skirt will not expose enough of her body to lustful, wicked and sinful men."

7.  "She is afraid of work…"

(We are just getting warmed up here.)

8.  "She fights to keep Sunday from  being a holy day, tries to make it a holiday for sin, pleasure and sports…"

9.  "Her children wind up in trouble, diseased bodies, broken health and they curse her, calling her a mother of prostitutes, drunkards, law violators, sex perverts and she-devils."

I guess you get the point. 

A Modern Mother pamphlet (50 cents per dozen) from Calvary Crusade no date. Collection Jim Linderman.

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