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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


Old Time Religion Baca in Ohio Jeannie Smith preaching from the COT

Old time religion in a cot from Baca (Ohio)  

Jeannie Smith of Baca, a place of suffering found in the Bible.  Actually, she was from Ohio.  Still a place of suffering, and as Ohio is one of those states ranking at the top of states allowing parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children for religious reasons, it will certainly have more suffering in the future.  

As you see, Reverend Smith had poor health, but after 16 years of suffering God allowed her to RAISE HER HEAD!  It helped with the sale of her book first book, but it was the miracle of her walking again which really sold product.  She capitalized on that miracle with her second book titled Valley of Baca!   It was a DOUBLE miracle!  The evangelist in the cot was soon up and around, traveling the railroad to bring others to the Lord.  She didn't actually claim to heal anyone, but it didn't hurt attendance at her events to spread the picture of her laying in the cot around.  Gasp...SHE IS WALKING.

The picture of a rolling miracle waiting to happen isn't mine, as most here are…but not to worry, there is no copyright on it anymore and I didn't steal it.  I cribbed it from the web…a miracle!

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