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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH

old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH! Despite Ecclesiastes 3:4 (….and a time to dance, you know)  J. J. Smith outlines his 34 reasons why christians should not dance!  Well..most of them have to do with "being ruined" he says.  Ruined means, I think, doing the real dance.  J.J. can't bring himself to use the real word.  I can.  J. J. knows dancing equals sex.

Number  25 makes that clear.  "The police reports show that a very large proportion (75 per cent) of abandoned women are ruined in connection to the dance" he claims.  Number 29 says "dancing is carnal" and reason number 30 is "I would not like to die in a dance hall."  Well, neither would I…but I wouldn't like to die anywhere.  If I do, I reckon dancing would be a good way, but not as good as dying while being ruined.

Sheesh..the Shakers danced, and they had so little sex they went EXTINCT!  I guess it's too late to tell J. J.
There are numerous examples in the pamphlet here of folks who danced then died.  Not just ruined…died.  

Reverend J. J. Smith of Kentucky wrote this book around 1900, so he can tell us if there is dancing in heaven.  I don't think there is…presumably J. J. is up there and he might be in charge.

34 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Dance by J. J. Smith (no date) circa 1900.  Collection Jim Linderman 

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