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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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old time religion SIN of LYING by Elder Echols

There are a few more days before the election, so GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.  The sinners here are voting for the obvious choice.  The Republican party bumbled their way into the worst candidate in United States history, and that is something.  It serves them right.  None of their buffoons dared anger "the base" during the primaries, so they ended up with the grandest, most spectacular buffoon in Presidential history!  I am not sure if he has read this tract, but he should.

The Sin of Lying by Elder B. E. Echols collects examples of lying snd arranges them into broad categories!  Pulpit Lying, cunning lying, Santa Claus and rabbit egg lying (!!!) and yes, even political and diplomatic lying.  Elder Echols says it is necessary to lie in politics, but he blames it on Satan.

old time religion tract The Sin of Lying by Elder Echols 1946, 1963.  Second edition!  Collection Jim Linderman

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