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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


old time religion invents "Follow the Bouncing Ball" Hymn Sing-a-long Motion Picture Glass Slide Projection and Mount of Wood

old time religion invents "Follow the Bouncing Ball"  but all this time I thought Mitch Miller did it!  Well, no ball here, but you get the connection.  Sticker on mount reads "Hymn Coming to the Cross" #193.  Jeepers.  I wonder if it was a favorite of the crowd.  I guess, more likely, the organ player would somehow kick the guy in the projector before the sermon and give him the numbers required before the show.   I found someone doing it online, but I won't link to them here.  Nothing here is for sale, and they are selling it! I can't tell you how many of the religious ditties actually cost money when they were available. (Oh, wait..I have books for sale...never mind.)  I DO know who bought it for me to post, and that was really nice. She gave it to me. Free.  I date it to the WAY before drive-ins...but not too many would be singing along late there anyway.

Glass Slide Projection Lyrics for a theater, church or revival.   Date?  Maybe 1900 - 1930? Collection Jim Linderman 

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