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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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old time religion Creative Miracles of Neal Fresby (Frisby)

Well, I am going to have to suspect this is a first edition, as they spelled Neal Presby's name wrong.  What a disappointing typo that must have been for the once alcohol and dope addict turned some kind of miracle maker. Inside he claims to have the ability to create eardrums since he has healed so many of the deaf.  I checked his website (!) and they have a considerable number of books written by Frisby, but I'd rather not link to it. It's still in print!  This copy has no date, but they call it "his first book' although W. V. Grant wrote it for him.  I think.  Anyway they say 1962.    

Creative Miracles Miracles by W. V. Grant.   Misprint cover 1962 Collection Jim Linderman

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