Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


old time religion Oscar Hires and Elephant! J. A. Jewel the Circus Evangelist

Old Time Religion Oscar Lewvillian Landemesser aka J. A. Jewell  The Circus Evangelist hires a elephant to shill for his big revival under a circus tent. Shameless.  Oscar made it big on the circus circuit.  Mom took the kids to get religion while Dad went over to the ramble where the girlie act was staged.  Oscar wrote his autobiography in 1948 but I don't see one on Amazon...must not have sold many, but I am sure it was for sale on your way in and on your way out of the tent. (That is, not included in the admission price)  Don't step in anything.

RPPC photo of J.A. Jewel sign on an Elephant circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion State Sunday School Convention Choir 1920 Photograph

old time religion State Sunday School Convention Choir 1920 Photograph collection Jim Linderman


old time religion SNARED BY THE DEVIL

old time religion artist E. J. Pace anticipates Spiderman in a big way.  In the Snare of the Devil 1927

old time religion DOES GOD HATE BOWLING ?

Rabid Christian and wannabe Ayatollah Evangelist John Rice, America's Taliban, asks God if Bowling is okay to do.  In sum, I think it is okay as long as you do not bowl naked.  Rice has a particular problem with naked.  In general, if any activity prevents you from praying, God puts the nix on it according to the messages Rice is able to receive from above.  How about if we pray for a strike, and don't swear if we fail to pick up the remaining pin!  Yet another origin of the religious right, from 1955.  Do NOT ask him about the Ice Follies!

Amusements for Christians Right or Wrong? by Evangelist John R. Rice  1955 Sword of the Lord publishers Wheaton, IL Collection Jim Linderman.


old time religion Magic Carpet Ride to where Jesus Lived!

old time religion Magic Slate Ride to where Jesus Lived! 


Reverand S. Franklin Logsdon Tampers with the Bible (and claims the Devil did too!) old time religion

 Franklin Logsdon was not happy with what the Devil did to the Bible, so he proposed his OWN.

Nevertheless, getting back to this, the devil is too wise to try to destroy the Bible. He knows he can't. He can't destroy the Word of God. But he can do a lot of things to try to supplant it, or to corrupt it in the minds and hearts of God's people. Now he can only do it in one of two ways: either by adding to the Scriptures or by subtracting from the Scriptures. And you mark it down in your little red book: He's too wise to add to because those who have been in the Word for a long time would say, "Wait a minute; this is not in the Bible." So he subtracts from it. The deletions are absolutely frightening.
For instance, there are in the revisions (1881 and 1901), so we are told 5337 deletions, subtractions if you please. And here is the way it is done. It is done so subtly that very few would discover it. For instance, in the New American Standard we are told that 16 times the word "Christ" is gone.  When you are reading through you perhaps wouldn't miss many of them. Some you might. And 10 or 12 times the word "Lord" is gone. For instance, if you were in a church when the pastor is speaking on the words of the Lord Jesus in his temptation, "Get thee behind me, Satan," if you have a New American Standard you wouldn't even find it. It's not even in there. And there are so many such deletions. So this is done in order to get around it and further blind the minds and hearts of people, even though it may be done conscientiously. There isn't any worse kind of error than to have conscientious error. If you are conscientiously wrong it's a terrible situation to be in. Nevertheless, when there is an omission that might be observed, they put in the margin, "Not in the oldest manuscripts." But they don't tell you what those oldest manuscripts are. What oldest manuscripts? Or they say, "Not in the best manuscripts. "What are the best manuscripts? They don't tell you. You see how subtle that is? The average man sees a little note in the margin which says "not in the better manuscripts" and he takes for granted they are scholars and they must know, and then he goes on. That's how easily one can be deceived.
Hear Franklin discuss his problems below!
Original Postcard Collection Jim Linderman


The Lord's Prayer GOING BIG in every location! Coin Operated Lord's Prayer

Old Time Religion The Lord's Prayer GOING BIG in every location!  Coin Operated Lord's Prayer brought to you by the same businessman who brought you The CLAW at the carvinal!  Mutoscope Vending Machine Ad.


old time religion Postcard Invite for Rally Day

Rally day is all but forgotten.  Just as well.

Sunday School Rally Day invitation postcard circa 1920.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Railroad to HELL The Ruination Railroad and the Great Salvation

Take an old time religion railroad trip to HELL!  See dismal swamp, murderer's gap, hangman's gorge, infidel park, blasphemy park and dime novel avenue! Your Engineer in Charge the Prince of Darkness. No Christians on board!  They are instead on the great salvation railroad headed directly to sanctification and salvation. 

Reversible Railroad Ticket to Heaven or Hell  circa 1920.  Collection Jim Linderman old time religion. 


old time religion Easter Pinback

old time religion Easter pinback circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion SIN never wears it's Grave Clothes when it courts the RUIN of your Soul EVERY Sin points to DEATH

old time religion SIN never wears it's Grave Clothes when it courts the RUIN of your Soul EVERY Sin points to DEATH.  Early Religious Tract North Carolina Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion The Wages of Sin and Illegitimate Love

old time religion The Wages of Sin and Illegitimate Love illustration from the book The Art of Love: Your Sex Problems Solved by Doctor Homer Blodgett 1955 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Home Schooling The World's Most Unusual Family of Arnold Pent Invents Home Schooling

old time religion Home Schooling  The World's Most Unusual Family of Arnold Pent Invents home teaching of doctrine!

Why is this the world's most interesting family? Because one of their rocking LPs has that title.

Arnold V. Pent pretty much came up with the notion of home-schooling.  Why?  Because he was nuts.  Being home schooled,  the kids could cram into a 1932  Pierce Arrow and travel "one million miles" spreading the gospel with Dad.  This was in the days before seat belts.  "Arnold, slow DOWN!"  Now before you criticize me for questioning Pen's sanity, consider that in the book Ten P's in a Pod: A Million-Mile journal of the Pent Family his neighbors called him crazy too. 

Feeding eight home schooled little christians was difficult, so old man Pent determined God wanted him to sell fertilizer.  He did that, and also sold baby birch trees he dug up and sold three-for-a-quarter.  The Johnny Appleseed of birch trees.

Not being exposed to anything but the Bible had an effect.  "Son David can recite the entire New Testament from memory…Son Paul memorized the book of Jonah at the age of seven…Son Timothy quotes quotes lengthy passages like the 146th Psalm." writes the Milwaukee Sentinel of September 30, 1961 in a puff piece promoting one to their gospel visits.  Furthermore, the Pents read the Bible three times a day and young daughter Charlotte, age six, "has been quoting scriptures publicly since the age of 3" they say.  Well, it WAS about the only book she had been given.  I believe this is called "teaching doctrine" but it is really indoctrination.  Mind you, the press release used by the Milwaukee Journal was how they promoted themselves.  Today, I'd call it abuse!

Indoctrination often refers to religious ideas, when you're talking about a religious environment that doesn't let you question or criticize those beliefs. The Latin word for "teach," doctrina is the root of indoctrinate, and originally that's just what it meant.  Home schooling in a 1932 Pierce Arrow.
They would stay at supporter's houses on their trips through the 48 states.  (Great, here come the ten Pents again…get out the cots.)

Later, Pent founded "Homestead" college of the bible in Tallahassee.  The college (like today's crooked Trump University" offered correspondence B.A', M.A's and Phd's after four to seven years of the study of the Bible.  Each student was charged $140.00 for the bogus course in 1972.  (Some $800 in 2016 dollars.)  Eventually, the State Board of Licensing denied the "school" of a license.  Gee…I guess the "war" on religion started way back! 

As you can see here, there are no less than 56 copies of Ten P's in a Pod available used from Amazon starting at ONE PENNY!

The kids grew up and continued home schooling their kids ad infinitum. 

old time religion Adam and Eve Escape Anonymous Drawing

old time religion Adam and Eve Escape!

Anonymous Drawing circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Oscar Special!

Old Time Religion Oscar Special in which nut-job Christian from Texas proves the following:

Hollywood Glamorizes illicit motherhood.

Hollywood Lionizes dope fiends.

Hollywood Wars against Heaven

Hollywood Embraces the Communist Party Line.

Hollywood makes Sin Pay

Red Traitors Flourish in Movieland

Gilbert was also author of "Moscow over Hollywood" which said the same, but like this one cost a dollar.  Mind you, this was the time when paperback books cost 1/4 of that. Buy them ALL.

Scarlet Sins of the Silver Screen by Dan Gilbert  G.W. Cooper San Antonio Texas 1950
Collection Jim Linderman


Faithful Nine Months! Old Time Religion Dietz Pinback Deitz Emblem Series

Faithful nine months!  Good work!  Here is a little reward for your purity sash!  Circa 1920, this pin was manufactured by the Dietz Sunday School Supply Company.  The "Emblem series"  was the umbrella term for their reward system series of pins.  They also made pins for Alcoholics Anonymous which marked months sober.

Faithful 9 months pinback circa 1920 Collection Jim Linderman old time religion


old time religion seldom seen side of the W. R. Rice Garden in Alabama

old time religion seldom seen side of the W. R. Rice Garden in Alabama.  Original photograph by Jim Linderman 1994


Old Time Religion White Church Records by the Humbard Family

Old Time Religion  Unfortunate (but accurate) record label name for the Humbard Family Singers.  Whether this is a recording is by the "house band" for discredited "healer" Rex Humbard or not, I do not know...but you can see them in action below.

The World is not Far Away b/w In the Shadow of the Cross White Church Record 78 rpm collection Jim Linderman


old time religion BIBLE NEWS FLASH

Old time religion BIBLE NEW FLASH In which Adam had no father and Mary's birth of Jesus can be equated to the birth resulting from a white man and a negro woman.  Just as that child is "half negro and half white" Jesus was "half human and half divine."   Preacher W. D. Herrstrom also wrote the non-best seller  "Johna's Submarine Ride" and "75 Reasons why community water supplies should not be fluoridated (Communism and Socialism Pamphlet series)

Bible News Plashes are available for 25 cents a year from Minnesota. Single issues ten cents. 1948 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Jesus Lead me through the wild forest of Birch Trees! Brother Terrence and his Painting

old time religion Jesus Lead me through the wild forest of Birch Trees!  Brother Terrence and his Painting    Original snapshot, no date.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion America in Prophecy

old time religion America in Prophecy in which:

Only an old-fashioned holy ghost, heaven sent revival will allow us to compete with the commies and their Sputnik.

America proves the bible is right because "we are a land divided by rivers."

Many Americans are "servants of communism"

An unnamed "negro" tricked the Supreme Court into their ruling on segregation.

In the old days, a "woman who had a bad name was kicked out of society" now she is likely to be "elected president of some club."

Suncay School teachers and "brazenly smoke cigarettes in their cars."

Too long the "alien natives" have been "dumped on our shores."

"Nothing is wrong with America except those who are debauching her"

Dr. E. F. Webber preached over the air for more than 25 years.  He is the author of more than forty books.

America in Prophecy by Dr. E. F. Webber of Oklahama, No Date in publication.  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Direct from the Elderly Ladies Home Radio Gospel Blind Evangelist Robert Fraser

old time religion Direct from the Elderly Ladies Home Radio Gospel Blind Evangelist Robert Fraser
1944 Postcard Collection Jim Linderman


Scenes from an Immersion Baptism near San Antonio Texas 1927 Collection Jim Linderman

Anonymous vernacular photograph series taken 1927 at an unknown location near San Antonio, Texas.  Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

The Little Man with a Big Message! A. Knudson Preaches the FULL Gospel old time religion

old time religion

Well, that should take some time.  The FULL gospel?  No wonder he calls it a big messsage.  Evangelist A. Knudson Former Judge and Police Magistrate.  Original "telephone pole" invite.
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Joe Hankins Weeping Evangelist meets a Thronging Host and the Happy Clarks Duo

old time religion Joe Hankins Weeping Evangelist Thronging Host and the Happy Clarks Duo. 

Dr. Joe Henry Hankins was a "weeping prophet" which means he faked his delivery.  Better bring your hanky to see Hankins.  He was otherwise  not notable except that he "passed on to the heaven he loved to preach about… where he was met with a thronging host…" according to Great Preaching on Salvation.  The book was published by those somewhat confused Sword of the Lord folks,  so do NOT take it as gospel!  One of his good friends was the rabid nut-job preacher John Rice, who we have featured here often.

As for the opening act "The Happy Clarks" they were a husband and wife duo.  They hardly made a dent either, but you can purchase their greatest hits as a song book (for a song...)

Original Big Tent Revival Joe H. Hankins and the Happy Clarks Original ticket circa 1940
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion unusual The Devil is Waiting Long For You Transgessor Real Photo Post Card

old time religion unusual The Devil is Waiting Long For You Transgessor RPPC photograph of a chalkboard?  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Radiocarbon Dating : The Definitive Answer and Truth!

old time religion Radiocarbon Dating : The Definitive Answer and Truth! 

In which Elizabeth Bowman settles the controversy concerning scientists who have found rocks older than God.  Answer?  God did it!

Bowman's other books include Genesis in the Light of Scientific Facts (God did it)
The Star Bible (God made them) and Straightaway Bible course. 

Radiocarbon Dating and the Word of God by Elizabeth Bowman 1953  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH

old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH! Despite Ecclesiastes 3:4 (….and a time to dance, you know)  J. J. Smith outlines his 34 reasons why christians should not dance!  Well..most of them have to do with "being ruined" he says.  Ruined means, I think, doing the real dance.  J.J. can't bring himself to use the real word.  I can.  J. J. knows dancing equals sex.

Number  25 makes that clear.  "The police reports show that a very large proportion (75 per cent) of abandoned women are ruined in connection to the dance" he claims.  Number 29 says "dancing is carnal" and reason number 30 is "I would not like to die in a dance hall."  Well, neither would I…but I wouldn't like to die anywhere.  If I do, I reckon dancing would be a good way, but not as good as dying while being ruined.

Sheesh..the Shakers danced, and they had so little sex they went EXTINCT!  I guess it's too late to tell J. J.
There are numerous examples in the pamphlet here of folks who danced then died.  Not just ruined…died.  

Reverend J. J. Smith of Kentucky wrote this book around 1900, so he can tell us if there is dancing in heaven.  I don't think there is…presumably J. J. is up there and he might be in charge.

34 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Dance by J. J. Smith (no date) circa 1900.  Collection Jim Linderman 


Noted Chalk Artist J. W. Van De Venter will entertain the kids! old time religion

old time religion noted Chalk Artist J. W. Van De Venter will entertain the kids this sunday!
Samples of his work!  Chalk Talks for Young People book by Vanderventer
Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Soiled Doves of Dancing of Harry O. Anderson, Evangelist

Old Time Religion Harry O. Anderson holds a wing ding in Pasadena.  "You'll Like Anderson, He's Different!"  Well, among his peers in the church, not really.  He was the same.  Anderson hated dancing, and claimed "Every year 5,000 girls in Chicago become Soiled Doves through Dancing"  Bring the family!  Advertising card for  Harry O. Anderson, circa 1925 Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion white bread

White bread old time religion from Senior Bible Lessons 1961 

Signs of the Second Coming old time religion makes me TINGLEY

Signs of the Second Coming old time religion  by  Glenn V. Tingley.  No date Birmingham, Alabama.  Circa 1960.  COLLECTION JIM LINDERMAN

Old Time Religion Baca in Ohio Jeannie Smith preaching from the COT

Old time religion in a cot from Baca (Ohio)  

Jeannie Smith of Baca, a place of suffering found in the Bible.  Actually, she was from Ohio.  Still a place of suffering, and as Ohio is one of those states ranking at the top of states allowing parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children for religious reasons, it will certainly have more suffering in the future.  

As you see, Reverend Smith had poor health, but after 16 years of suffering God allowed her to RAISE HER HEAD!  It helped with the sale of her book first book, but it was the miracle of her walking again which really sold product.  She capitalized on that miracle with her second book titled Valley of Baca!   It was a DOUBLE miracle!  The evangelist in the cot was soon up and around, traveling the railroad to bring others to the Lord.  She didn't actually claim to heal anyone, but it didn't hurt attendance at her events to spread the picture of her laying in the cot around.  Gasp...SHE IS WALKING.

The picture of a rolling miracle waiting to happen isn't mine, as most here are…but not to worry, there is no copyright on it anymore and I didn't steal it.  I cribbed it from the web…a miracle!

See also Jim Linderman BOOKS The Birth of Rock and Roll and more.


old time religion Beware of Bad Amusements

Bad Amusements illustration by J. Van De Venter  1914.   From Chalk Talks for Young People.

Sorry...The book Old Time Religion is out of print.  New edition coming before the END TIMES!
Until then see THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL available from the publisher Dust to Digital and Amazon.


old time religion Bizarre Backwards Butler PA Real Photo Post Card

Old Time Religion in Butler, PA is a real photo postcard dated 1912.  A bizarre christmas message full of curious squiggles is etched into the image.  It helps if you reverse the image, but I like the mystery.

Butler County for Christ Oliver Meetings 1912 Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman