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old time religion Joe Hankins Weeping Evangelist meets a Thronging Host and the Happy Clarks Duo

old time religion Joe Hankins Weeping Evangelist Thronging Host and the Happy Clarks Duo. 

Dr. Joe Henry Hankins was a "weeping prophet" which means he faked his delivery.  Better bring your hanky to see Hankins.  He was otherwise  not notable except that he "passed on to the heaven he loved to preach about… where he was met with a thronging host…" according to Great Preaching on Salvation.  The book was published by those somewhat confused Sword of the Lord folks,  so do NOT take it as gospel!  One of his good friends was the rabid nut-job preacher John Rice, who we have featured here often.

As for the opening act "The Happy Clarks" they were a husband and wife duo.  They hardly made a dent either, but you can purchase their greatest hits as a song book (for a song...)

Original Big Tent Revival Joe H. Hankins and the Happy Clarks Original ticket circa 1940
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion unusual The Devil is Waiting Long For You Transgessor Real Photo Post Card

old time religion unusual The Devil is Waiting Long For You Transgessor RPPC photograph of a chalkboard?  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Radiocarbon Dating : The Definitive Answer and Truth!

old time religion Radiocarbon Dating : The Definitive Answer and Truth! 

In which Elizabeth Bowman settles the controversy concerning scientists who have found rocks older than God.  Answer?  God did it!

Bowman's other books include Genesis in the Light of Scientific Facts (God did it)
The Star Bible (God made them) and Straightaway Bible course. 

Radiocarbon Dating and the Word of God by Elizabeth Bowman 1953  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH

old time religion DANCE AND BE RUINED BY J. J. SMITH! Despite Ecclesiastes 3:4 (….and a time to dance, you know)  J. J. Smith outlines his 34 reasons why christians should not dance!  Well..most of them have to do with "being ruined" he says.  Ruined means, I think, doing the real dance.  J.J. can't bring himself to use the real word.  I can.  J. J. knows dancing equals sex.

Number  25 makes that clear.  "The police reports show that a very large proportion (75 per cent) of abandoned women are ruined in connection to the dance" he claims.  Number 29 says "dancing is carnal" and reason number 30 is "I would not like to die in a dance hall."  Well, neither would I…but I wouldn't like to die anywhere.  If I do, I reckon dancing would be a good way, but not as good as dying while being ruined.

Sheesh..the Shakers danced, and they had so little sex they went EXTINCT!  I guess it's too late to tell J. J.
There are numerous examples in the pamphlet here of folks who danced then died.  Not just ruined…died.  

Reverend J. J. Smith of Kentucky wrote this book around 1900, so he can tell us if there is dancing in heaven.  I don't think there is…presumably J. J. is up there and he might be in charge.

34 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Dance by J. J. Smith (no date) circa 1900.  Collection Jim Linderman 


Noted Chalk Artist J. W. Van De Venter will entertain the kids! old time religion

old time religion noted Chalk Artist J. W. Van De Venter will entertain the kids this sunday!
Samples of his work!  Chalk Talks for Young People book by Vanderventer
Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Soiled Doves of Dancing of Harry O. Anderson, Evangelist

Old Time Religion Harry O. Anderson holds a wing ding in Pasadena.  "You'll Like Anderson, He's Different!"  Well, among his peers in the church, not really.  He was the same.  Anderson hated dancing, and claimed "Every year 5,000 girls in Chicago become Soiled Doves through Dancing"  Bring the family!  Advertising card for  Harry O. Anderson, circa 1925 Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion white bread

White bread old time religion from Senior Bible Lessons 1961 

Signs of the Second Coming old time religion makes me TINGLEY

Signs of the Second Coming old time religion  by  Glenn V. Tingley.  No date Birmingham, Alabama.  Circa 1960.  COLLECTION JIM LINDERMAN

Old Time Religion Baca in Ohio Jeannie Smith preaching from the COT

Old time religion in a cot from Baca (Ohio)  

Jeannie Smith of Baca, a place of suffering found in the Bible.  Actually, she was from Ohio.  Still a place of suffering, and as Ohio is one of those states ranking at the top of states allowing parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children for religious reasons, it will certainly have more suffering in the future.  

As you see, Reverend Smith had poor health, but after 16 years of suffering God allowed her to RAISE HER HEAD!  It helped with the sale of her book first book, but it was the miracle of her walking again which really sold product.  She capitalized on that miracle with her second book titled Valley of Baca!   It was a DOUBLE miracle!  The evangelist in the cot was soon up and around, traveling the railroad to bring others to the Lord.  She didn't actually claim to heal anyone, but it didn't hurt attendance at her events to spread the picture of her laying in the cot around.  Gasp...SHE IS WALKING.

The picture of a rolling miracle waiting to happen isn't mine, as most here are…but not to worry, there is no copyright on it anymore and I didn't steal it.  I cribbed it from the web…a miracle!

See also Jim Linderman BOOKS The Birth of Rock and Roll and more.


old time religion Beware of Bad Amusements

Bad Amusements illustration by J. Van De Venter  1914.   From Chalk Talks for Young People.

Sorry...The book Old Time Religion is out of print.  New edition coming before the END TIMES!
Until then see THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL available from the publisher Dust to Digital and Amazon.


old time religion Bizarre Backwards Butler PA Real Photo Post Card

Old Time Religion in Butler, PA is a real photo postcard dated 1912.  A bizarre christmas message full of curious squiggles is etched into the image.  It helps if you reverse the image, but I like the mystery.

Butler County for Christ Oliver Meetings 1912 Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion TEENAGE ROCK 1959 It's FREEDOM, not FREE-DUMB

Old Time Religion in which Teenage students who dig rock and roll have exchanged freedom for "free-dumb."  Kids should "dig those books" or they might turn into a "missile fizzle" or miss the honor roll.  Which is NOT a Danish pastry.  Turn away from ROCK and ROLL to the one who IS THE ROCK! 

Teenage Rock was a motion picture produced by Youth for Christ and Gospel Films Inc. in 1959.   Previous films by the company include Seventeen and Going Steady.  The back of the program introduces the cast! 

Teenage Rock (Copyright  Miracles Unlimited) 1959  Collection Jim Linderman


Heart Religion old time religion

Heart Religion old time religion in which "a tiny worm" defeats Christians, prayer might become "irksome" and "tongue rattle is insufficient."

Heart Religion by Quinton J. Everest Nappanee, Indiana 1948.  Includes original "Your Worship Hour" cash mailing envelope. 

old time religion Attendance Builders Busy Bees and Live Wires Strange Charts of Success

old time religion Attendance Builders  Busy Bees and Live Wires  Strange Charts of Success
From Tried and Proved Sunday School Attendance Builders by Paul M. Fulmer 1945 The Herald Press Lexington, KY   Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Gospel Tent Band circa 1915 Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Gospel Tent Band circa 1915 Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman
from the Dust to Digital book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL  available HERE


old time religion A Modern Mother

Old Time Religion A Modern Mother by the Calvary Crusade from Columbus, Georgia.  The religious war on women goes way back, but this example is from the 1960s.  The Calvary Crusade felt no need to put a date on this pamphlet.  The Modern Mother, as expected, ends up in a fiery Hell because:

1.  "she has kissed and petted with nearly every young man in town…"

2.  " the dark lover's lane was her favorite spot…"

3.  "she spends her money foolishly so that he (her husband) is always in debt"

4.  "she is constantly looking for imported liquors, wines, vodka and anything she thinks will give her a thrill, including dope"

5.  "She seeks movies, taverns, night clubs country clubs, flower clubs and all places of sinful pleasure and disgrace."

(Flower clubs???)

6.  "She girdeth herself with  a bikini because she thinks the mini-skirt will not expose enough of her body to lustful, wicked and sinful men."

7.  "She is afraid of work…"

(We are just getting warmed up here.)

8.  "She fights to keep Sunday from  being a holy day, tries to make it a holiday for sin, pleasure and sports…"

9.  "Her children wind up in trouble, diseased bodies, broken health and they curse her, calling her a mother of prostitutes, drunkards, law violators, sex perverts and she-devils."

I guess you get the point. 

A Modern Mother pamphlet (50 cents per dozen) from Calvary Crusade no date. Collection Jim Linderman.


old time religion Judge Joseph Franklin Rutherford, Chief Squabbler and Big Pain in the Rear

Gossipy squabbler and head of the unwelcome Door Knockers Judge Joseph Franklin Rutherford's books stir up the whole world.  By door knocker, I mean Watchtower which apparently begat Jehovah's Witnesses which begat the Bible Student movement.  Whatever the name, you better hope the curtains are closed when they knock or you'll have to lecture them back…which I delight in doing.  Of course I can't convert them…but I can leave them with some doubts for disturbing my afternoon.  I like to think they are muttering  "Hey…do you think that crazy guy was right?" as they move along to the next house.

The Judge, while serving (no…not the Lord) as the President of the Watch Tower conglomerate was always fighting with his Board of Directors, and under his tutelage the church lost tons of members.  He was also jailed once for stirring up unpatriotic  behavior during the First World War.  He hated Christmas and birthdays.  He hated singing national anthems too.

When he passed away, it took "them" five months to figure out where he should be buried, and even then "they" tried to keep it a secret for some reason.  

The piece above is accurate, more or less.  It is said he sold FOUR HUNDRED MILLION BOOKS!

"The Peoples Friend" Judge Ruthorfod's World Wide Broadcast pamphlet.  1929. Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Albert Ott of Dallas Texas Goes City Wide Revival

old time religion Albert Ott of Dallas Texas Goes City Wide to faith heal. Original handout. Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion jesus by the numbers

old time religion jesus by the numbers celebrates the art of the Craftmaster PANN Paint-a-Number gift you might have received from your Great Aunt in the 1950s.  Two per box, and this seems a typical result.  One finished...and not bad except for the orange ear on the lamb.  The other, as they are usually found.  More number than paint.  Maybe the weather warmed up, or junior found interest in stink bombs and hanging out with his friends behind the garage like a normal kid.

The Museum of Modern Art has four paint by number pieces in their collection, and the Smithsonian has exhibited them.   I am willing to donate mine if they contact me.

Complete Set of PANN  #P-547  "Sacred Subjects) Paint-a-number oil paintings  circa 1950.
collection Jim Linderman


Evangelist Bob Jones wears a Dunce Cap Megaphone on his Head old time religion

Evangelist and old time religion child preacher Bob Jones poses with his megaphone appropriately placed atop his noggin like a dunce cap.  Long before his secular university was a regular stop for aspiring Republican candidates hoping to claim the religious zealot crowd, Bob Jones was  a door to door vegetable salesman.  His father forced young Bob to memorize bible passages, and soon he was on his way "converting" the whole town.  Interestingly, his first memorable sermon, at the age of twelve, was a defense of the populist party…but he strayed.  WAY strayed.

Despite having a right wing college now named after him, he was a college dropout.  He left school as more money was to be made on the converting trail.  He was soon preaching to millions.  His sermons railed against drinking, dancing and desecrating the sabbath.  Think of that every time you go to the bar on Sunday and dance.  That's three sins in one night, and if you end up in the rumble seat on the way home, I guess that would be four.  No wonder young folk are leaving the organized church like sin-chasing lemmings. 

He made a film depicting sins so lurid, it was nearly banned, but that was an old sideshow and carnival trick to bring in the crowds.  Use the sins to bring them in, but have it end with salvation.

Jones supported politicians who were members of the Ku Klux Klan, but he wasn't too excited about those who professed to be Catholics.  He didn't like science.  He was a segregationist until he was 70 years old and used the bible to prove it.  An example of his wisdom is the statement "It is not an accident that most of the Chinese live in China, it is not an accident that most Japanese live in Japan…"  Brilliant observations like that are characteristic.  Tool of God?  No, just a tool.  He didn't like Jews either.     

A "clap of thunder" convinced him there should be a Christian college.  Just what we needed.  The doors are always open to Republicans, including the first George Bush.  His visit there resulted in a firestorm of hell so profound, the school even had to change their rule against inter-racial dating.

Real Photo Postcard of Evangelist Bob Jones and Family. Azo reverse.  Dated on reverse 1917.
Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion in which Evangelist John Rice Solves the Kennedy Assassination 1964

IN WHICH  the "unwise zeal of Bobby Kennedy to garner Black votes" contributed to the murder.
In which "Black people in the United States have more cars than the entire Soviet Union" and God put a curse on the Kennedy's because they sold liquor.  "Payday is coming for all those who deal in this business of making drunkards, paupers, harlots and criminals…"  In which Roman Catholic influence on the media has made true work of bible-believing preachers more difficult.  In which "God's reason for allowing the assassination" was liquor.  In which the assassin of Kennedy did God's will.

What Was Back of Kennedy's Murder" by evangelist John R. Rice. 1964 Sword of the Lord Press 35 cents.


Faith Healer Brother John Nash Brings his Sons Zacariah and Samson to the Big City old time religion

Faith Healer Brother John Nash Brings his Sons Zacariah and Samson to the Big City old time religion.  Brother Nash brings the kids from Kentucky all the way to Los Angeles barefoot to do some healing.  Original Press Photograph 1925 Collection Jim Linderman




Original Book of Life Sparkle Sign circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion stalwart W. V. Grant targets the obsessed and depressed

old time religion stalwart W. V. Grant targets the obsessed and depressed.  50 cents.  "A cancer spirit opppressed a man for many years.  It was malignant; it had eaten a hole into his face as large as a half dollar.  After he was prayed for in our Malvern Revival it fell off before thousands of people."

Collection Jim Linderman


Miniature Painting of the First Baptist Church of Jefferson, Maine old time religion

Old Time Religion Miniature Painting of the First Baptist Church of Jefferson,  Maine.
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion New Berlin Residents Ponder Eternity

old time religion New Berlin Residents Ponder Eternity.  As this RPPC is circa 1910, by now all of those shown have their answer.  Cyko Real Photo  (Columbia Photo Paper Company, Westfield, MA)


W. V. Grant and his Greatest Hits old time religion Dallas Texas Style

W. V. Grant and his Greatest Hits  old time religion Dallas Texas Style.  50 cents each and "millions in print."  Care of Grant's Faith Clinic.  Enrollment in Grant's "school" required one to be at least 15 years of age and to be willing to send at least one dollar a week.  After paying for 16 MONTHS, the youngster was allowed to keep all the books.    A crooked shyster preying on children.


Old Time Religion Evangelist M. L. Cummings (From Log Cabin to Convict Mine) to Tortoise Shell Handle Knife

Old Time Religion evangelist and roustabout M. L. Cummings goes from sinner to saint of sorts in his book From a Log Cabin to a Convict Mine.  After finding the truth, he shares it with all (willing to pay for it or help distribute it in order to earn your own tortoise shell handle knife)  1922.


old time religion Home on the Range and a Home in Heaven Cowboy Evangelist

Former stud poker "dummy" or "rakeoff man" Reverend McNab Wilson in 1932.  He abandoned the gambling houses of Nevada to spread the good word to Blackfeet tribe members whether they wanted it or not.  McNab is more annoying than "cowboy poets" who have their annual "slam on the range" discussed every year on NPR. 

Original Press Photograph 1932 Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Thoughtless Words Occasional Hurried Prayer Slang Profanity Lifetime Deeds and Words Judged

Old Time Religion Thoughtless Words Occasional Hurried Prayer  Slang  Profanity Lifetime Deeds and Words Judged  Jimmie Jones is in trouble deep.



Steel Guitar Gospel by R. C. Garner of Muncie IN old time religion on Gennett

Old Time Religion R. C. Garner recorded I'm Over the Jordan Tide in Richmond, VA in 1924.   It was released on the Gennett label.  A year before, he had published a book of their songs titled Jubilee Gospel Hymnal.

Apparently his brother was also in the group?  They released ten discs on Gennett, at least one which was released as The Garner Brothers.  The song follows:

The song printed on the reverse of the card was also released, on the b-side of I'm On My Way to Heaven.  You're Going to Leave The Old Home, Jim came out in 1925.

Tony Russell's Country Music Records provides a discography of Mr. Garner HERE
Original Postcard R. C. Garner Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Boy Preacher Grows Up Evangelist Gray

Boy preachers grow up.  Here, Evangelist Gray tries to hold on to his brand...
Old time religion Formerly Boy Preacher of Auburn Maine.
Get Right with God poster No Date Collection Jim Linderman