Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


Cold Sweat and Agony of Death old time religion Fraktur Drawings

Old time religion Pair of Jesus Fractur Drawings and Prayer  19th Century Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Preacher Sculpture

Old Time Religion Preacher Sculpture Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion for Boys and Girls Help win your friends to Jesus with this Neat Special Offer!

Old Time Religion for Boys and Girls  Help win your friends to Jesus.  Oral Roberts expands his empire with allowance money!


It's Baaack! Old Time Religion RED TERROR

Old Time Religion Nut Job Dan Gilbert was right!  The Red Terror is seemingly back...prophecy indeed!  Dan is also author of Poison Peddlers, Who Will Be Elected President in 1944 and The Truth of Juvenile Delinquency!

The Red Terror (Russian) And Bible Prophecy by Dan Gilbert The Christian Press
Collection Jim Linderman


Freedom from Evil Spirits old time religion

Old Time Religion In which depression clears the way for possession and recession clears the way for confession.

Rhymes from W. V. Grant No Date ($1.00)  Collection Jim Linderman


Mohonga Carparsa plays the Harp for Baptists 1902 old time religion

Old Time Religion Madam Mohonga Carparsa from Liberia entertains Baptists in 1902. Antique Showcard Collection Jim Linderman



Old Time Religion Disobdient Devil (or "Debbil")

Old Time Religion Disobedient Devil (Acme caption reads "Debbil") from 1944.  Original Press Photograph collection Jim Linderman N.E.A 1944


old time religion Evans the Backwards Baptist!

old time religion Evans the Backwards Baptist!  Postcard circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman
(thanks to Anonymous Works)

Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE


old time religion Folk Art Naive Jesus Drawing c. 1900

old time religion Folk Art Naive Jesus Drawing c. 1900 Collection Jim Linderman
Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE


Yes, Gospel Figures in our Newest Book THE BIRTH OF ROCK AND ROLL old time religion

The Birth of Rock and Roll collects 100 rare, original photographs from the collection of Jim Linderman.  Together, the pictures reveal the true origin of the musical form which came, then went in the brief span of 100 years.  Minstrels in Blackface and Black Faces with guitars....the TRUE history of Rock and Roll before it was digitized.  Paperback $24.99 and Ebook $5.99.


old time religion Scripture Cartoons starring Big Jim

old time religion Big Jim Scripture cartoon in which Jim and his little sin buddy "Spud" brave an ocean storm, but the Bible provides auxiliary power just in time.
Big Jim no date Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion true living pulp bible

old time religion The Living Bible in pre-comic code splendor!



Unidentified Preacher Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Paster Denton Cleveland Keeps Bill Straight about his Willie

Old time religion tale of moral straightness.  Verily, stay clean and pure in thoughts.

Willie, William and Bill: A Message for Boys by Denton E. Cleveland
No Date Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Grant Hayes and his Jesus Christ Board of Knowledge Artist and Quizmaster of Detroit

Detroit artist and quizmaster Grant Hayes displays his Jesus Christ Board of Knowledge in this 1981 photograph by news photographer David Belanger (a working photographer with better than average skills, actually) in Detroit.  Mr. Hayes registered his invention, but I don't think much came of it.  Note the Knowledge board is titled "Teacher's Tool and Learner's Delight" atop.  As you can see, Mr. Hayes was running a contest.

Original Press Photograph by David Belanger 1981 collection Jim Linderman



Old Time Religion Vonny

Old Time Religion Unknown Gospel Performer named Vonny. circa 1925 Real Photo Postcard Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Casper Wyoming 1925 Real Photo Postcard

Old Time Religion Casper for Christ Interior Harper Welch Tabernacle, Casper Wyoming November 1925 (photo by Deluxe Studios) Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Wonderful Modern World of Daniel Lord

Old Time Religion in the Modern World!  Daniel A. Lord logics it out for all in his fantastic "Modern World" pamphlet!

Atheism Doesn't Make Sense by Daniel A. Lord  1936  (This the seventeenth printing, 1952)
Collection Jim Linderman



Old Time Religion L. R. Shelton Broods from the Grave

Old Time Religion L. R. Shelton Broods from the Grave.

A rare early copy of the L. R. Shelton publication "Brooding."  Even THEN the catalog of his books had nearly 50 titles ranging from one dollar each down to 35 cents. 

In 2005, God (in the form of Katrina) destroyed the physical operation, so I think most of these, if any still remained in stock, are molding away in the basement.   They moved to Baton Rouge.  Today, the "non-profit" catalog is SEVENTY PAGES LONG.  The operation is all wound up in several interlocking globs of truth, which are:

The Voice of Truth Radio Broadcasts, The Old Puritan Press and "The Old Trailblazer" which concentrates on the "coming of the anti-christ" aspect of the business. 

Read the fantastic  imaginary essay "Mr. T. Vee Goes to Court : The Hypnotic Eye HERE in which Sally and Bob turn out wrong from watching television.  Sally ends up running away to Hollywood and now Bob smokes, drinks and swears.  (excuse me…he "tells off-color jokes.")

They seem to be on about one hundred radio stations, and have even figured out how to stream…but their tapes are still sold in cassette form. I don't see any boom boxes for sale on their site, but as the catalog is 70 pages, I don't have time to scrutinize it.  Warning:  Do NOT dowload it unless you have plenty of memory in the harddrive!

Brooding Work of the Holy Spirit by L. R. Shelton The Old Puritan Press (No Date)
Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion The Biography of Satan by Clarence M. Keen!

The Biography of Satan old time religion.
I'm not quite sure how the biographer got his material, Satan not having deposited his papers at any library or archive that I can find, but this is the "Revised and Enlarged" edition, so the scholar must have found even another source.  Keen was Pastor of High Park Baptist Church in Scranton, PA.  Maybe Satan visited Scranton and Clarence had a tape recorder.

The subtitle is "Public Enemy Number 1" and this is the fifth volume in the "Bible Marking with Colored Pencils" series by the author.  Other volumes in the series had color covers, so I think the black was a artistic statement.  The author refers to this volume as the "black" volume in the series.

In this edition ("These are historic FACTS and Satan continues to operate in a similar manner") Satan..."afflicts with physical maladies" "Satan has a synagogue" and "Satan solicits the help of tattlers, tale-bearers, busy-bodies and idlers."

The biography ends with Satan is banished to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is a "bottomless pit" though the biographer does not indicate exactly where it is located. 

The Biography of Satan (No Date) by Clarence M. Keen "Revised and Enlarged Edition" 16 pages price 15 cents.  Other books by the author include "Where are the Dead?" Collection Jim Linderman

Giant 3-D Jesus from Texas old time religion

Old Time Religion Gigantic Jesus hovers over a Swiss-chalet home in this "panographic" lenticular like postcard in living 3D.  Wiggle the card to see the miracle of life.

"Lord Bless This Home" 3-D collectors series (super dimension living natural color) Xograph Arlington Texas, No Date.  Two dollars.  Collect them all.  Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion God Helping Me to Abstain from ALL Intoxicating Liquors as a Beverage

Old Time Religion God Helping Me to Abstain from ALL Intoxicating Liquors as a Beverage.
Charles Campbell Sobers Up. National Christian Temperance Union Pledge Card.  No Date (circa 1930?) Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Stripper for God

Old Time Religion Some people will do ANYTHING for attention! I kid you not...Kellie Everts "Stripper for God"
1978 Press Photograph


OId Time Religion Hollywood's Scheme to Corrupt America

Old Time Religion Hollywood Scheme.

In which motion pictures lead to venereal disease, Marlon Brando is responsible, somehow…and Doris Day was not the innocent you think.  Author Jess Pedigo was "principal" speaker of the daily Reaching Out radio broadcast.

Christian Crusade, and the radio broadcast (according to Wiki) was founded by Billy Ray Hargis, and his radio message was broadcast on more than 500 radio stations and 250 television stations. He was a segregationist.  In 1974 several students at his American Christian College accused Hargis of sexual misconduct; however, the Tulsa district attorney found no evidence or wrongdoing. Hargis went into early retirement and the college closed in 1977.

Hargis founded the Christian Crusade in 1950, an interdenominational movement. In 1964 the IRS alleged that Hargis' involvement in political matters was a violation for religious institutions and withdrew the tax-exempt status of the Christian Crusade. At the time, Hargis had reported that the average contribution to his movement was $4, from a constituency of 250,000 donors, and it was receiving $1 million annually.

As for their principal speaker, Jess  Pedigo also wrote "Satanism Diabolical Religion of Darkness" "The Ford Foundation Exposed" and "Playing with Fire: America's Obsession with the Occult"

X-Rated Movies.  Hollywood's Scheme to Corrupt America by Jess Pedigo.  1970 Christian Crusade Publication. One Dollar.  Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion the Main Sisters of Baltimore and spread love.

Old Time Religion Main Sisters of Baltimore spread their twin message north to York, PA.  Have you come?  Accept their loving invitation now.

The Main Sisters Souvenir circa 1925 Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Gospel Pomade

Old Time Religion Gospel Pomade

Greasy Kid stuff on the Kids.  Juvenille Gospel Singers Real Photo Postcard no date.
Collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Rules for Today Do Glitter

Old Time Religion Rules for Today Do Glitter.  Rules for Today Sparkle Sign collection circa 1950 collection Jim Linderman


Old Time Religion Articulated Boy The Lord Will Hear

Old Time Religion Lord hears wooden marching boy toy.  Collection Jim Linderman