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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Van Impe and his Holy Accorgan on Bob Seger Heavy Music

Dr. Jack Van Impe is the only televangelist to be sampled on a record by Michigan rocker Bob Seger. "Heavy Music part 2" features the accordion and ACCORGAN, (a ramped up accordion) playing minister criticizing rock and roll. (the B-side to his 1967 single) Van Impe claims to be a "walking bible" as he has memorized so much of the book. One book here discusses the filth and degradation of "4,000 bathers running completely nude of a stretch of beach in California" and "Sin-laden sensuous females watching male Go-Go dancers writhing and jerking in skimpy bikini G-Strings" He also believes the anti-christ will soon have a phenomenal computer to control the Earths's teeming millions." He got that one right.

Shown are three of Dr. Van Impe's tracts as well as one of his many LP recordings.

The Lord is Jesus Christ, What in the World is Happening, Bible Headlines by Dr. Jack Van Impe.

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