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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Tony Totes a Bag of Sin old time religion

Blessed Assurance is currently available on Amazon for $5.73 and is ranked #10,296,425 in book sales. I didn't even know there WERE 10 million books for sale on Amazon! That ranking is so low, one could metaphorically say it is down in Hell.

Anthony Zeoli also wrote "His Majesty the Devil" which he printed himself and sold from Wyncote, PA. Anthony apparently grew up in South Philly, where he fell under the spell of Satan's crime and dope, but he cleaned up his act and became known as the "Walking Bible" according to G. Wayne Claper in his essay"The Bible Fellowship Church in the City. That must be Tony toting a huge bag of sin on the cover!

My copy here is the second printing of 30,000, undated. The first edition was published in an edition of 5,000 in 1942. The copyright was renewed in 1970 by Tony's son Billy back when he was an accidental President's spiritual advisor. Billy ran "Gospel Communications International" which Wiki says announced they were going out of business in 2008. Doesn't look like it to me...they appear to be part of a GIGUNDO interlocking faith web more complicated than the mob, and their website is rocking! I also have no idea if the whole shebang pays taxes, but I sure hope so. They're HUGE.

Time Magazine ran a nice article about Billy Zeoli HERE

Blessed Assurance by Anthony Zeoli Second edition (No Date) First edition 1942. 80 pages Published by the Author Wyncote, PA. Collection Jim Linderman

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