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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Old Time Religion The Biography of Satan by Clarence M. Keen!

The Biography of Satan old time religion.
I'm not quite sure how the biographer got his material, Satan not having deposited his papers at any library or archive that I can find, but this is the "Revised and Enlarged" edition, so the scholar must have found even another source.  Keen was Pastor of High Park Baptist Church in Scranton, PA.  Maybe Satan visited Scranton and Clarence had a tape recorder.

The subtitle is "Public Enemy Number 1" and this is the fifth volume in the "Bible Marking with Colored Pencils" series by the author.  Other volumes in the series had color covers, so I think the black was a artistic statement.  The author refers to this volume as the "black" volume in the series.

In this edition ("These are historic FACTS and Satan continues to operate in a similar manner") Satan..."afflicts with physical maladies" "Satan has a synagogue" and "Satan solicits the help of tattlers, tale-bearers, busy-bodies and idlers."

The biography ends with Satan is banished to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is a "bottomless pit" though the biographer does not indicate exactly where it is located. 

The Biography of Satan (No Date) by Clarence M. Keen "Revised and Enlarged Edition" 16 pages price 15 cents.  Other books by the author include "Where are the Dead?" Collection Jim Linderman

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