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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

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Old Time Religion L. R. Shelton Broods from the Grave

Old Time Religion L. R. Shelton Broods from the Grave.

A rare early copy of the L. R. Shelton publication "Brooding."  Even THEN the catalog of his books had nearly 50 titles ranging from one dollar each down to 35 cents. 

In 2005, God (in the form of Katrina) destroyed the physical operation, so I think most of these, if any still remained in stock, are molding away in the basement.   They moved to Baton Rouge.  Today, the "non-profit" catalog is SEVENTY PAGES LONG.  The operation is all wound up in several interlocking globs of truth, which are:

The Voice of Truth Radio Broadcasts, The Old Puritan Press and "The Old Trailblazer" which concentrates on the "coming of the anti-christ" aspect of the business. 

Read the fantastic  imaginary essay "Mr. T. Vee Goes to Court : The Hypnotic Eye HERE in which Sally and Bob turn out wrong from watching television.  Sally ends up running away to Hollywood and now Bob smokes, drinks and swears.  (excuse me…he "tells off-color jokes.")

They seem to be on about one hundred radio stations, and have even figured out how to stream…but their tapes are still sold in cassette form. I don't see any boom boxes for sale on their site, but as the catalog is 70 pages, I don't have time to scrutinize it.  Warning:  Do NOT dowload it unless you have plenty of memory in the harddrive!

Brooding Work of the Holy Spirit by L. R. Shelton The Old Puritan Press (No Date)
Collection Jim Linderman

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